from 2012
In times of countless possibilities and platforms for communication, mobility and long distance relationships many struggle to balance distance and closeness.
Social media platforms, online messaging and smartphones make it possible to stay in touch all the time. But most of the time we communicate asynchronous. Close to none of the content shared digitally comes unfiltered. We retake our pictures, add filters and edit our oppinions. We got used to misusing technology to create sunny selves and share with our digital friends, who consumate our pictures absent-mindedly. What if our tools of communication spared possibilities of editing and retaking, ensuring autheticity and honesty. What if our communications platforms where designed to not scroll-through but to attentively observe what we share?
The project was realized through two prototypes and short films. One suggests that there are different ways of communication needed to create closeness, but also hints that any type of filtered communication can lead to misunderstandings. The second one explores our digital personalities, questions of authenticity and awareness and how consumption of social media communication as it is designed commonly practiced leads to shallow consumption and can also create feelings of loneliness.
Aditionally to the prototypes and the short films the project was completed by a small publication containing a making-of and poems, quotes and texts about how human communication evolved through history.