The curation of an exhibition shapes the viewers perspective of the objects presented. For this exhibition, supervised by Nathalie Du Pasquier, everyday objects where selected, arranged and set into scenarios. Through the contexts of the presentations the objects take on new meanings and their inherent banality is brought into question.


We all have these items around the house, they have lost their purpose, are cast aside and forgotten. These things occupy our space but we rarely notice. The life of the unused object is a lonely one.

/w Thomas Eliott Burns, Hansel Schloupt.

Once it reaches a certain age, the bar of soap, worn down and slender, will often find itself among other, more full and vital contemporaries. It waits, forgotten, only to be later thrown away, or slowly wash down the drain.
The unread book lies like an injured member of the pack. It remains with its kin, in hopes that one day it will get read, but its future is far from certain.
In the desolate wasteland of the freezer one can sometimes find forgotten sea­life. Its origins are often mysterious, but one thing is clear, the likelihood of it making it to the dinner plate is quite remote.